Updated to include timetables replaced on or before 5 March 2016 (routes 1-399: 5 December 2016) - yes, 2016 is correct - a lot of catching up to do

Welcome to a much expanded version of the site that acts as an archive for copies of old London bus timetables in web page (.htm) or PDF form.  The Graveyard has reasonably complete coverage from about 2002 onwards, with a fair sprinkling of earlier timetables, including the odd one as far back as 1996.  Also some much older material, including a complete Green Line timetable from 1953 and (just added) a complete LT Central bus timetable from July 1967.

I have got rather behind again, I'm afraid! I had been devoting most of my effort to providing access to the Working Timetables, as provided by TfL, initially in response to Freedom of Information requests.  TfL have started publishing current material on line at https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/publications-and-reports/bus-schedules. TfL have stated in the past that they will make older timetables held on the system available as well as current ones but we will have to "wait and see". The Working Timetable pages on this site provide access to both obsolete and current schedules. 

I have also recently added a large number of much older scanned schedules and sets of Time Cards. 

As an experiment, I have also provided links to a range of older timetables for three different routes 225 (West Drayton, Ilford and Lewisham). You will find the link under route 225. Please feel free to feed back views, before I extend this to other routes.

Most htm files have previously been available on or via the London Bus Routes timetable pages but are no longer current. Links to the current versions are also included.  Some of the PDF files were compiled from that same source but the bulk are panel timetables formerly held on the London Bus Map site, which holds current panels (where they still exist).  The London Bus Map site also offers the excellent Greater London Bus Map, the only all-London bus map now available, prepared in 1970s style, with part of the revenue going to charities.

I hope that I have now eliminated the obsolete links within the html files, which either no longer worked or took you to different destinations from that expected.  If you find any, please let me know!. 

Disclaimer #1: Although I have included within the timetable list pages brief descriptions of route or frequency changes that occurred, these should not be taken as definitive.  In particular it is not uncommon for changes to occur on a different date to that shown on the original panel timetable.  Also, errors in timings or routings that have emerged subsequently have not systematically been corrected. Sorry about that, but this is a "minimum effort" (though sometimes it does not feel like it) website!  In both cases, I am happy to correct any errors that you may find!  

Disclaimer #2: Where possible, timetables for Boxing Day and (more recently) enhanced New Year's Eve services are shown, but it is not always clear whether they operated for the full period of the timetable in which they are included. Some have also been extracted from sources such as the TfL Journey Planner during the short period for which they are visible; this is a rushed process and probably not error-free!

Comments and notification of errors (and of links that do not work) are welcome but please bear in mind that I cannot answer enquiries which are not about this site: e-mail here

If anyone is prepared to let me use similar electronic London bus timetable information, such as scanned files (and there are no copyright issues) I would be happy to host them: e-mail here