Note: This is no longer the current timetable

Route 613

Worcester Park - Cheam - Sutton - Sutton Common Glenthorne School

Schoolday service

Timetable: School days only

Route record (places served and roads followed)

Route 613 does not run during school or public holidays or on Saturdays or Sundays. The timetable is subject to short notice alteration in accordance with school requirements.

613 Schooldays towards Glenthorne High School

Worcester Park Station, Malden Road          0745
North Cheam, Queen Victoria                  0751
Cheam Village, Broadway                      0758
Sutton, St Nicholas Way/Cheam Road           0805
Sutton Green                                 0809
Sutton, Bus Garage (Bushey Road)             0810
Sutton Common, Glenthorne High School        0818

613 Schooldays towards Worcester Park

Sutton Common, Glenthorne High School        1520
Sutton, Bus Garage (Bushey Road)             1525
Sutton Green                                 1527
Sutton, Head Post Office                     1534
Cheam Village, Broadway                      1543
North Cheam, Queen Victoria                  1548
Worcester Park Station, Malden Road          1555

Operated by London United for London Buses.

Timetable revised 03/09/12

Route record

Worcester Park - Cheam - Sutton - St Helier Glenthorne School
Worcester Park Station Forecourt - Central Road - Cheam Common Road - North Cheam - Malden Road - Cheam Village - High Street - Cheam Road - St Nicholas Way (junction with Cheam Road for Sutton Station) - Crown Road - High Street - Bushey Road - Collingwood Road - Oldfields Road - Sutton Common Road - Sutton Common Glenthorne School

St Helier Glenthorne School - Sutton - Cheam - Worcester Park
Sutton Common Glenthorne School - Sutton Common Road - Oldfields Road - Collingwood Road - Bushey Road- High Street - Marshalls Road - Throwley Way - Chalk Pit Way - Sutton Court Road - Grove Road (for Sutton Station) - Cheam Road - Cheam Village - Malden Road - North Cheam - Cheam Common Road - Central Road - Worcester Park Station Forecourt


Note: This is no longer the current timetable