Older timetables for route 225

Unless otherwise stated, the timetables below are PDF files and are scanned copies of the original timetables from the stated source. Timetables sourced from timetable books are sometimes undated, in which case they are shown as being live at the date of book (as far as can be told).  There may be some duplication in such timetables.

Route 225: Staines & West Drayton
As at 17 July 1967Red Book
Route 225: Becontree Heath & Aldgate
04 September 1982TfL panelBecontree Heath & Limehouse (Mon-Sat)
03 February 1985TfL panelBecontree Heath & Aldgate (daily)
03 March 1985TfL panel
04 November 1985Local timetable book
21 June 1986Local timetable book
As at March 1987Local timetable bookBecontree Heath & Aldgate (Mon-Sat)
27 April 1987TfL panel
21 November 1987TfL panel
Route 225: Lewisham & Bermondsey
29 July 1989TfL panelLewisham & Rotherhithe (Mon-Sat)
19 January 1991TfL panel
27 April 1991Local timetable book
12 February 1994Selkent timetable book
13 April 1996TfL panel
11 January 1997TfL panel
19 September 1998TfL panelLewisham & Bermondsey (Mon-Sat)
02 January 1999TfL panel
18 September 1999TfL panelLewisham & Bermondsey (daily)
17 March 2001TfL panel
28 July 2001TfL panel